Elegoo Jupiter Mods

This page contains various mods to the Elegoo Jupiter 

Power Supply Installation

The Elegoo Jupiter does not come with a power supply to allow modifications the best way to move forward is to instill a separate power supply. The power supply I will be using is a 750 watts SFX power supply. Remove the 4 bottom panels from the printer base, the PSU will be mounted on the back panel. user a paper and trace the cable, switch, and hole openings on the back panel. using a metal drill bit and a Dremel tool, make the necessary holes and cut. When done, use sandpaper or a Dremel buffer tool to smooth rough edges. re-mount the back panel. Select a section in the front panel either to the right or left of the LCD panel for the switch installation. The switch is connected to a 24-pin PSU connector. Once all is done connect the 24-pin connector to the PSU.

Heater Installation

There are lots of heater design out there for 3D printers so I will not cover the assembly of the heater. In this installation, there are two heaters that will be installed. The heater configuration is to pull air in and push the heat out to be back. The heaters require 12v ate 180 Watts each, in this case, they will be connected to the PCIE rail of the PSU. The power output will be placed under the bottom of the heater cases in which a hole is drilled through the base. The wires are then connected to a PCIE connector.

Heater Operation

The power button on the front of the printer controls the heater and any other future projects and add-on the printer will have. After observing the interiria takes ten minutes to heat up. A test print was performed and the print came out just right

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