Brian Hinds

Software Engineering Technology


My name is Brian Hinds and i specialized in the design, development, and deployment of software applications for computer and embedded system. I am also proficient in software requirement specification documentation, game design using Unity, database design and maintenance user SQL Server, application development and custom computer build and consultation.

Software Requirement Specification

Performing research and development for new projects and documentation of the software requirements and features of the given project.


Design games with the use of Unity 3D and Windows base applications with the use of Visual Studio. Designs include user friendly user interfaces  


Creating automation with the user of PowerShell scripting and WinForms applications.


Research, design, develop, and deploy database SQL Server projects that collects data for analysis and research and development.


Software development done in  C-Sharp, Object-C, and C++. Embedded development are done in Object-C and C++.

Custom Computer

Custom computer builds or consultation on the correct computer to meet a certain job application.

Debugging and Unit Testing

Performing debugging of source code to resolve fail operating and conducting unit testing to ensure program produce the results as intended.



Projects below are successful development and deployed applications on devices 

Design and Developing Computer Games in Unity

This game, Core Assault was designed and developed in Unity 3d as a final project in the game simulation and development course. It is a top down shooter in which the player have to disable server machine cores in a guarded facility.

Design and Developing Computer Games in Visual Studios

This is a game, a clone of Star Trek was developed with direct x 11  in C++ using Visual Studio. This game have sixteen levels, the player have the ability to repair their ship, create weapon, and fuel, harvest energy and science and do research to improve ship structure.
Game Environment Design

Designing game environment using Unity 3D, environments designed are open world filled with rich 3d interaction.

Raid Calculator

This application was developed to calculate in game flash sales. This helps players to determine if the given package is worth buying. This application was developed in C# and also give the user the ability to modify retail prices.

Custom Computer Build

AMD Ryzen Build

Click here for submission review of the AMD Ryzen Build

Intel Build

Black Box Capstone Project

The purpose of this software requirement specification document is to describe the scope of the Black Box device operation. The Black Box is a research data collection solution that securely collect anonymous user data for research and development. These data shall be collected from smart radio thermostat, presence sensors, and Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

Current Projects

Projects below are currently in development

The SmartHome BlackBox is a network of devices with different sensors that monitors different environmental condition around the home and communicate with a designated thermostat to make changes. 

This project that I am exploring is mining Duino Coins, it's a form of cryptocurrency that is mine on embedded boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Home Temperature Monitor

This device monitors the current temperature and humidity in different locations in the home wherever the nodes are located.

3D Printer Mods

This section consist of mods for the Elegoo Jupiter Printer

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