Smart Home Black Box

Welcome to the future of local smarthome devices that provides you with environmental monitoring while staying off the grid.


The SmartHome BlackBox  have the ability to measure outside conditions such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality, heat index, and dew-point. The nodes inside the home are able to able to measure inside conditions such as temperature, humidity, air quality, occupancy, monoxide, and heat index. The SmartHome BlackBox Hub collects all the measured data from the node sensors and thermostat, it use that information to tailor the thermostat settings, while showing data readout on its dashboard. The SmartHome BlackBox doesn't use internet connection, it operate within its own secure network web. This device is suitable for users who needs a smart home device that operates off the internet.

Low Powered embedded System

The SmartHome BlackBox shall be design around low powered embedded developer devices. This will allow the nodes to be more portable and not tethered to a power supply. The types of embedded developer board that shall be use will be apart of the arduino embedded developer board family . This will allow for easy replacement and upgrade of different components within the SmartHome BlackBox network. 

Secure Network Environment

Data security and privacy shall be one of the key features of the SmartHome BlackBox. The SHBB (SmartHome BlackBox) shall establish its own private network where the thermostat shall communicate with the hub through wireless connection while the nodes shall use radio frequency on the 2.5 GHz wave length with a maximum range up to 200 meters for each nodes. The SHBB shall not be connected to the home network or the internet.  

Environment Layout

The SmartHome BlackBox shall have multiple nodes inside the home and one node outside for taking environment readings. The personal portable device shall be a device for interacting with the SHBB Hub from a distance as well measuring body's activities. The thermostat and personal portable device shall use the SHBB secure wireless to communicate with the hub, while other nodes shall use radio frequency.  

Environment Data Analyses

The SHBB Hub shall have a display that shall allow the user to view analytic historical data graphically. There shall be no personal data, but rather environmental information and trends gathered from the different nodes, thermostat and the personal portable device which is optional. The user can use this data to optimized their daily lifestyle or the settings in the SHBB Hub itself.

Secure DataBase

The SmartHome BlackBox shall store the historical in its database, this shall allow for ease of transfer to a home computer and shall be capable with SQL Server and Power-Bi for analytic purposes.

Custom Designed PCB 

Each of the nodes and the SHBB  Hub have custom designed PCB parts, this reduce the chance of loose wiring. This design allows each devices to be tested and to ensure they  follow business compliance as regarding to electronic components and safety.  

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