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Raid Auto Clicker

This application operate as an auto clicker for farming in Raid Shadow Legend, Raid auto clicker is a Windows application the is compatible with Plarium play. It will allow the user to farm a selected stage for as long as the player wants to. This application shall also allow the player to have the option of selling the items at the end of each round.

Population Statistic Application

This GUI console application was written in C++, It reads in records from a file and allow the user to manipulate the data.


Similar to Microsoft Paint, this C# application allows the user to draw shapes and line with custom colors. The user can save their drawing and continue working on it at a later time.

Data Base Transfer

This application develop in C#, allows the user to transfer table data from one to another. If the destination table is not present, the application will use the schema of the source table and create a destination table, then copy the data.

KanBan Application Suite

The Kanban application is network base with SQL Sever as the database server. The application is design to simulate a Kanban process with all its counter parts in an industry. This application was also tested with its database on Microsoft Azure.


This application implements a known and trusted security algorithm " System.Security.Cryptography" into a network security scenario. The task was to create a small, instant messaging solution whereby two instances communicate with each other over the network, with and without encryption activated. Network packet analysis tools are then used to capture packets and reveal their contents

Port Wizard

The port wizard is an application developed in C# that transpose source code written in object C into C# source code.

CSM Application

The CSM application which is known as the Canadian Stock Market application is a network base application. It was design to simulate the communication between various mobile devices to a central dashboard where clients can invest virtual money into companies and dynamically see the chart fluctuation of profits.


PC Active Directory Tool is a customized too tailor towards the information technology service department. It allows the user to search for user PCs by MAC address. This tool also allows the user to update assigned users and to move users between groups with privileges. 


Similar to the CSM application the Educational Stock Market Investment Software was developed in C# for a class room setting which allows students to be familiarized the with concept of the inner workings of the stock market. Each user have their own accounts and is logged on to an off site server. Though this application is a prototype, the concept have future plans of being implemented as a full educational tool.

System Monitor

This application is a tool the is use to monitor system parameters such as GPU and CPU temperatures and CPU, GPU, RAM, and Disk usage

PC Usage

Application that allow the user to keep track of computer usage in a network environment with the use of SQL Server and a C-Sharp application.

Call Log Active Directory Utility

This application is designed as a tool in a support desk environment to search Active Directory for employees for two site locations. The application will provide a full status of the search results such as whether the account is locked, password expired, account disabled, and account expired. The user can reset password, set new end date, unlock account, clone user Active Directory groups onto another employee and disable account. The user can also log incidents from calls and keep a searchable call log history, this is save in a SQL Server backend.

Pc User Log for Labs

Allow user to monitor user access to lab computers on a network.

New Account Creator Tool

This application is designed to automate account creation in Active Directory. The application with check both site location be ensure the user is unique and modifies the username accordingly, it also add the correct Active Directory groups based on the department the new employee belongs to. This application also have a SQL Server backend that keep track of the student accounts that are created. This application also have the ability to deploy the created account credentials in large batches.

New Employee Records

This application is designed and developed for new employee intake. The first section is completed by the human resource department, this include creating, editing, and declining new intake records. The second section is for the help desk analyst to view the records, create the accounts base on requirements and marks the records as completed. This application can also deploy credentials to new intakes' personal email address.

Duino Coin Wallet

This application is base on the Duino Coin wallet. This application allows the user to view their account information including hourly and daily income. The application must be running for a minimum of 1 hour for full effect. This application is designed to be operated 24/7.


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