Past Projects

Population Statistic Application

This GUI console application was written in C++, It reads in records from a file and allow the user to manipulate the data.

Data Base Transfer

This application develop in C#, allows the user to transfer table data from one to another. If the destination table is not present, the application will use the schema of the source table and create a destination table, then copy the data.


Similar to Microsoft Paint, this C# application allows the user to draw shapes and line with custom colors. The user can save their drawing and continue working on it at a later time.


This application implements a known and trusted security algorithm " System.Security.Cryptography" into a network security scenario. The task was to create a small, instant messaging solution whereby two instances communicate with each other over the network, with and without encryption activated. Network packet analysis tools are then used to capture packets and reveal their contents

KanBan Application Suite

The Kanban application is network base with SQL Sever as the database server. The application is design to simulate a Kanban process with all its counter parts in an industry. This application was also tested with its database on Microsoft Azure.

CSM Application

The CSM application which is known as the Canadian Stock Market application is a network base application. It was design to simulate the communication between various mobile devices to a central dashboard where clients can invest virtual money into companies and dynamically see the chart fluctuation of profits.

Port Wizard

The port wizard is an application developed in C# the ports simple Object C source code to C# source code


Similar to the CSM application the Educational Stock Market Investment Software was developed in C# for a class room setting which allows students to be familiarized the with concept of the inner workings of the stock market. Each user have their own accounts and is logged on to an off site server. Though this application is a prototype, the concept have future plans of being implemented as a full educational tool.


PC Active Directory Tool is a customized too tailor towards the information technology service department. It allows the user to search for user PCs by MAC address. This tool also allows the user to update assigned users and to move users between groups with privileges. 

PC Usage

Application that allow the user to keep track of computer usage in a network environment with the use of SQL Server and a C-Sharp application.

System Monitor

This application is a tool the is use to monitor system parameters such as GPU and CPU temperatures and CPU, GPU, RAM, and Disk usage

Pc User Log for Labs

Allow user to monitor user access to lab computers on a network.

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